Becoming a Guerilla Garden Suspect!

Brenda Dyck -A Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure

About Me

Brenda Dyck
A Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure!

For most people, gardening is a healthy thing. Gardens are known to attract birds and butterflies and can add beauty to our existence but what most people don’t realize is that gardening has a dark side.
It all started out harmlessly enough, an annual here, a perennial there, then a couple of online seed trades…
then it became an addiction that led to thieving, drunkenness, killing and hiding the evidence!
I am now known as a “Guerilla Garden Suspect”!

I’m Jenny. Farm girl and blog post writer for On The Green Farms.

The Thieving:
Guerilla Gardener going through Customs

I have been known to pocket seeds (and if I’m lucky, cuttings) from various parks and gardens that I have visited. As a known “Guerilla Garden Suspect”,  I must also admit to having brought seeds through Customs on more than one occasion through an online friend or after a vacation in a foreign country. That was before I knew it was against the law, of course!
And speaking of the law, in my quest to find large river rocks (for my new rockery) I met a nice officer who let me off with a warning. He informed me that if I took the rocks down by the river I could be charged with a serious offense. I’m assuming the same thing applies to the sphagnum moss that I pick in the forest to line my moss baskets with. (Note-to-self: find out what the penalties and/or fines are for this type of offense.)
And much to my shame I have also encouraged non-gardening friends and family to aid in my thieving “Guerilla Garden Suspect” ways. I have stopped the car and had them get out and help collect seeds/rocks, driftwood, or plants by the side of the road and have had them help to scope out property that does not belong to me and think of ways to plant stuff when no one is looking!

The Drunkenness:
Guerilla Garden Snail Keg Party

Apparently, snails love beer. In fact, they will come from every corner of the yard, in the dark of night and through untold dangers to attend my famous Snail Keg Parties.Through out the season I artfully place left over bottles of beer around the yard (at least that’s what I tell my neighbors) to provide a free snail happy hour from dusk to dawn.
The snails bring their friends the slugs and then get so drunk and out of control that in the morning I always find some floating in their beer, dead.
As a “Guerilla Garden Suspect”, I know there’s no way of knowing whether the snails or their friends drowned or died from alcohol poisoning, but I know that I am responsible for supplying the beer.
To help get over the guilt I buy a bottle of wine, invite all my friends and together we toast their untimely demise and throw seed bombs into the neighbor’s yard!

The Killing:
Guerilla Garden Warning

Moles, aphids, carpenter ants, spider mites, and especially slugs are always on this Guerilla Garden Suspect’s hit list. I show absolutely no remorse about killing these creatures and I have even been known to assassinate spiders and other unknown bugs that were (in my opinion) just too ugly to live.
As for my sworn enemy the slug, my reputation for committing slug genocide is renowned and I must admit that I take great delight when there is an exceptionally large body count.
Being a “Suspected Guerilla Gardener”, I must also admit that I have killed a few plants in my time (both inside and out). Sometimes it’s an accident, and sometimes I consider it a mercy killing.
If a plant turns out ugly, refuses to bloom, or starts falling down all over the place, I consider it to be a traitor. And everybody knows what happens to traitors.

Hiding the Evidence:
A Guerilla Gardener's Dog Accomplice

Need I say more?


I fully acknowledge myself as a “Guerilla Garden Suspect” and I know that there are some other gardeners out there who can relate to my “Guerilla Garden Adventures”!
After all when you try to have the perfect garden, Mother Nature just laughs at you anyways so you might as well share the joy and plant something in your neighbor’s yard too!
The bottom line is, if you manage to grow more green stuff outside (especially if it’s on property that you doesn’t belong to you ) than is growing in your fridge then you too could be on your way to becoming “A Guerilla Garden Suspect”!

Guerilla Garden Fridge