A Guerilla Gardener’s Arsenal

A Guerilla Gardener's Arsenol

If you are planning your own Guerilla Garden Adventure, you might want to start stocking your arsenal. Here are a few ideas to get you started!
Tough plants:

Choose varieties that can withstand cold, drought, neglect and abuse by pedestrians, road users and dogs. Day lilies, poppies, coneflowers, columbines, bachelors buttons, cosmos, snapdragons, and forget-me-nots are all pretty tough. My personal drought resistant favorites are sedums and sempervariums, but plant what ever you have and plant extra as there are always a few casualties.


Bulbs that “naturalize” (it will say that somewhere on the label) are like little hidden time-bombs that explode every spring. At the end of the season you can pick them up for 50-75% off.
Fill your coat pockets with bulbs and then secretly pop them into your neighbors’ neglected pots, around the base of trees on your way to work, or on the strata property in view of your window.


If you decide to get all guerilla gardener and scatter seeds on neglected pieces of land or make seed bombs, you’re going to need a lot of seeds. Every guerilla gardener needs to learn how to collect and save seeds whether it’s from their garden or collected while taking the dog for a walk…it’s easier on the budget and you will have some for trading and gift giving as well.
Note: There will be an article later linked here on how to do this, so keep watching!

Ziploc Baggies, paper bags and envelopes:

Don’t leave home without them!  These are invaluable for collecting seeds, bulbs, plants and cuttings, while on a walk about. If you’re working on a large project with a group of people, be sure to bring some garbage bags as well to cart off all the empty pots and debris.

Pen or permanent marker:

Preferably, on a string so you don’t loose it. Trust me, I speak from experience. If you don’t put the name on the envelope or container when collecting seeds right away then there is a good chance that it will never be done by the time there ready to plant them. In that case, some Guerilla Gardener ‘s have been known to mix all the unknown seeds together and “Surprise” the neighbors!

Unique containers and planter boxes:

Construct some planters from discarded pallets or use unusual containers and place them by telephone poles, buildings, or fences. Some  Guerilla Gardeners have also been known to commit random act of kindness/recycling by taking an old pair of shoes, boots or purse that they were going to throw out and plant  some sedum in it. Then they place it by someone’s front door just to bring a smile on the person’s face when they open it in the morning!
Note: You might want to find out how much bail money it takes to get released on a stalking charge….just saying…..some people take offense at the slightest thing!


Although a wheel barrow, rake, hoe and a garden shovel would be nice, it isn’t always practical while on a Guerilla Garden mission. Gloves and a hand shovel will do, although I have been known to use a spoon from my lunch box if needed. Also a kid’s wagon is great for transporting plants (kid for pulling is not always included) or a shopping cart will work as well. Just remember to say…..
“Why, Yes Officer- I did take this shopping cart for Guerilla Gardening purposes! I thought the $1 slot was for a rental fee!”


For watering purposes it is best to plan your Guerilla Garden on a regular home-to-work route which can be easily/regularly tended with a splash of water. If you’re on foot, use a plastic 1-2 liter water bottle for packing small amounts of water, or for a larger area you might want to consider plastic water cans using the above mentioned $1 shopping cart rental if you are without a car.
You can also make a make a sign asking the community to help by watering as well.


Natural fertilizer or compost is best, but it can sometimes be hard to pack around, especially if you’re on a Guerilla Garden foot adventure.
Let’s face it-nobody wants to explain why they smell like crap in public no matter what the cause!
Coffee grounds make excellent fertilizer, are an excellent way to recycle and will leave your clothes smelling like people want to offer you Biscotti.
If you don’t drink coffee, Starbucks and some of the other local coffee shops will usually let you have coffee grounds for free just for the asking.

Weed Killer:

If you’re looking for a Guerilla Garden”green” solution to weeds that actually works, use household vinegar to make an amazing  weed killer. You can use any type of vinegar that contains 5% acetic acid (or if you need stronger stuff use “Pickling” vinegar which is usually at least 7%) and put it in a cheap plastic spray bottle. Spray it on any weed you want to kill on a hot sunny day. One Guerilla Gardener has suggested  modifying her Wetjet mop to do her driveway. This works excellent on those stubborn weeds that grow in the cracks of pavement and sidewalks.

Optional Equipment includes but is not limited to:
Seed Cannon

I don’t know if these exist, but I can imagine the possibilities.

Baklava Ski Mask

Good to have on hand for those culvert missions where you might be noticed by concerned anti-garden strata members.

Ninja Shoes

One of my accomplices swears by them! However, I cannot vouch for these as I have not ever worn or owned a pair myself.

Bucket Buddy/Boss

An apron like belt with lots of pockets that is designed to fit on a 5 gallon bucket and can easily hold all the items in your Guerilla Garden Arsenal.
Note: It also works well for those trips to the community garden because you tend to forget the lock combination to the shed!


For those of you who must guerilla garden in secret (due to pencil pushing bureaucrats) a base ball hat with a light will not only light up your gardening area but will leave your hands free for those midnight missions.

And there you have it…….A Guerilla Gardener’s Arsenal!

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