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Gnome Realty has been hired to find the perfect tenant for the Willow Lane Fairy Garden. The gnome realtors have gone all out hoping to attract some good renters by staging the property in a Christmas theme. Amazingly enough the Christmas trees seem to be thriving despite the toxic waste dump that was previously on the property. It looks beautiful but I suspect the trees may be fake. Well done, Gnomes, well done!



Fairy Garden Vacancy

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Fairy Gardens

It seems as though the former fairy garden tenants have either been evicted or have completed a midnight move before Strata could send a letter about last month’s Halloween party and the damage to the front door. The green toxic waste pool seems to have been drained and relocated (possibly to Jacki’s house) and there is now a For Rent sign by the fairy door in the tree. I’ll keep you updated on whether the door gets fixed or on who moves into the Fairy Garden at Willow Lane next!


Fairy Garden Halloween Aftermath

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Fairy Gardens

What a disaster!
I was going to supervise the Willow Lane Fairy Garden Halloween Party but was busy helping certain children with their Halloween costumes. This morning when I woke up I went to check on the Willow Lane Fairy Garden and this is what I found…….


Strata is not going to be happy!

Fairy Garden Halloween Party

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Fairy Gardens

Decisions, Decisions!
It seems like there might be a party planned for tonight at the Willow Lane Fairy Garden.
However, there is also a halloween party invitation from former coworker at Some-Sad Company Lacey A.
I feel some supervision may be needed in order to avoid a letter from Strata so I’m sure she will understand when I decline her invitation.


Fairy Garden Frankenstein.jpg

This little Fairy Garden Frankenstein has also found his way into the fairy garden. That now makes 3 fairy garden occupants including the skeleton that is still hanging out in the Fairy Garden Cemetery. So I’m thinking so far, so good…there has been no cease and desist letters from Strata which is good because it amuses me and seems to amuse some of the other people that walk along the common property in our strata complex. At least I hope that it’s amusement I see on their faces.

Fairy Garden Halloween

Not really sure if this is actually another fairy garden occupant or just a visitor to the Willow Lane Fairy Garden Cemetary. Someone (NO NAMES MENTIONED) suggested that it might just be the ghost of one of the cemetery’s occupants, but I’m thinking that slugs and snails having no skeletons of their own would look differently…..if you know what I mean.

Fairy Garden Pond

Posted: October 25, 2014 in Fairy Gardens

Not really sure if the new pond in the fairy garden has been approved by strata but at least the octopus will have a place to hang out!


Fairy Garden Witch

The Evil Fairy Garden that is located on the common property in my townhouse complex seems to have a new occupant. I’m thinking that a water feature upgrade might be needed to accommodate for the pet octopus however I don’t know if Strata will allow it since this garden and it’s occupants are basically squatters. I’ll keep you posted.

It looks like evil fairies may have moved into what is known around my house as the Ugly Garden!
This garden has always had 2 stone gargoyles surrounded by various sedums and other rock garden plants.


Next thing you know there’s a fairy doorway, a mail box……….


…………..and a CEMETARY??


The only occupants so far are a slug and a snail but there is a warning sigh that says “Don’t piss off the fairies!”


Here’s hoping that they are just cranky fairies and not really evil.

Fairy Garden Mania!

2014 is definitely the year of the fairy garden! Look around in any garden center and you will find tons of fairy garden items and accessories everywhere you go. Children, Irish people and even some adults all seem to be fascinated with the idea that fairies live among us.
However, evidence of fairies is slim and you can’t even begin to entice fairies into your garden without giving them a place to live. This year everybody seems to be on the fairy garden bandwagon and the fairies will have lots of choices for taking up residency. The competition will be stiff so you had better make your fairy garden stand out from the rest!
Here are a few tips to make sure your fairy garden the most enticing.

Step 1- Choose a Location:
A shady woodland fairy garden
If you want to attract woodland fairies then build your fairy garden in a shady part of the garden under a tree or stump and incorporate a fairy door at the base. This will create a fairy portal for the fairies to come through into your garden. Be sure to plant assorted ferns, hostas, bleeding hearts and other woodland plants. The drooping fronds of the ferns will give woodland fairies a secret place to hide and the hosta leaves make a nice canopy from the rain!
Note: You might also want to add some different kinds of moss as forest fairies love the soft, cool spongy feel of it on their feet.
A sunny flower fairy garden
Fairies love the same flowers as hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Foxglove, forget-me-nots, heather, hollyhocks, herbs (especially thyme), marigolds, lavender, sweet peas and roses are some good choices. Make sure your flower fairy garden receives at least 6 hours of sun a day.
A container fairy garden
For those of you that live in a townhouse or an apartment a container fairy garden might just be the ticket to attract urban fairies. Use your imagination- a bird bath, a wooden crate, even a large wicker basket can be viewed as a potential fairy garden. For larger yards an old wagon or a wheelbarrow converted into a mobile fairy garden can be most appealing. Fairies like the added option of being able to relocate to a different part of the yard if they decide they don’t like the neighborhood.
A Guerilla Garden Fairy Garden
If you have decided to make A Guerilla Garden Fairy Garden on someone else’s property or on a public lot then you may not want to spend a lot of money. Thrift stores, flea markets and dollar stores are all great sources for inexpensive ready made miniature garden tools, furniture, tea sets, or other potential fairy garden items. However, if your feeling the least bit creative then Pinterest has lots of links and ideas on how to create inexpensive fairy houses, swing sets, fences, ladders, fairy furniture and accessories. When  guerilla gardening there is always a chance of garden theft. If your fairy garden stuff doesn’t cost a lot of money and any of it goes missing then you can just think of it as a personal donation to the Fairy Garden Emergency Fund!

Step 2- Give it Curb Appeal!
Remember, when creating a fairy garden the main key element is to keep it miniature and pay attention to the details.
Fairy paths and pathways
Create a path out of tiny pebbles/aquarium gravel or place small flat rocks as stepping stones to entice fairies to roam throughout the garden. A miniature patio or deck and fencing will also add to the curb appeal.
Fairy hideouts/lookouts
Be sure to include some gnarled drift wood and rock outcroppings. Fairies like to have lookout points to stand on and adding a small ladder made out of twigs to reach a lookout is a much sought after feature. Also, fairies being ever elusive tend to make their homes in gardens that provide lots of nooks and crannies for them to hide in.
Fairy water features
Fairies love to splash and play in water fountains and ponds but any water feature will suffice. It can be as simple as using a water proof container filled with water or a small tabletop fountain.
If you are concerned that your water feature may become a potential mosquito hatchery you can always use a small mirror to create a reflection pond or use glass marbles to create a stream.
NOTE: If possible add a miniature boat to your water feature -fairies find boat rides irresistible!
Fairy rings
Celtic folklore depicts fairy rings as gateways into fairy kingdoms where fairies gather and dance.
The best fairy rings consist of a ring of mushrooms that grow in a perfect circle. However other “Fairy Garden “Experts” have had success attracting fairies using resin mushrooms or placing stones, flowers or other plants in a circle to create a fairy ring.
Warning: Fairy folklore always warns humans not to stand in fairy rings. It is said that if you disrupt them or join the dance, you will be punished. I’m guessing that’s where the phrase “Don’t Piss off the Fairies” came from.

Step 3- Add Dwelling(s):
Fairy Houses:

Legend says that fairies will come and live in a house they like-so choose carefully. For instance, woodland fairies prefer to live in homes made out of twigs, rocks, and other natural materials where as urban type fairies are only too happy to live in a home made from recycled materials. Also, some fairies are very social and will only move into fairy villages or fairy condominium complexes.
Ready-made fairy houses can easily be bought by the Creatively Impaired  but if you have access to a computer and are feeling all crafty just Google “how to make a fairy house” for inspiration and instructions. Keep in mind that no matter what fairy house option you decide on it should be able to withstand the elements if it’s going to be a permanent structure.
Children should also note that sometimes fairies like to choose an empty fairy garden lot and then custom build their house.

Step 4-Inhabitant(s):
Statues and Figurines
As real fairies are somewhat hard to get hold of you may want to populate your fairy garden with store bought inhabitants. It is rumored that because the fairy garden is a magical place statues and figurines come to life but if humans are around they become statues again.
Also it has been said that with the assistance of a boy child sometimes gnomes and elves have been known to build a Gnome Home and take up residence in a fairy garden. This is acceptable but do not under any circumstances let any of the Transformers move in as it can lower the Fairy Garden Property Values in your neighborhood! I’m sorry to say but this also applies to Barbie and her friends too.

Before embarking on your own fairy garden adventure remember that creating a fairy garden is a fun way to get small children involved in gardening. With a declining/aging gardening population this is more important than you think! Be sure to move or add accessories to the fairy garden as “evidence” that fairies actually inhabit your garden. Not only will the children “Believe” in fairies but the memories they will have of gardening with you will last a lifetime.

Let the Fairy Garden Adventure begin!

Guerilla Garden Seedbomb

Brenda Dyck
A Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure!