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Fairy Garden Halloween

Not really sure if this is actually another fairy garden occupant or just a visitor to the Willow Lane Fairy Garden Cemetary. Someone (NO NAMES MENTIONED) suggested that it might just be the ghost of one of the cemetery’s occupants, but I’m thinking that slugs and snails having no skeletons of their own would look differently…..if you know what I mean.


Fairy Garden Witch

The Evil Fairy Garden that is located on the common property in my townhouse complex seems to have a new occupant. I’m thinking that a water feature upgrade might be needed to accommodate for the pet octopus however I don’t know if Strata will allow it since this garden and it’s occupants are basically squatters. I’ll keep you posted.

Chocolate Cosmos
My Chocolate Cosmos actually smell like rich dark cocoa!

As someone who is a confirmed chocoholic and known plant lover, I had to buy this plant. I now understand why chocolate cosmos have swept the gardening world by storm. This plant forms a medium-sized airy clump of dark green leaves with deep burgundy-red blooms that have the distinctive fragrance of dark chocolate. The plant tag lists it as a tender perennial, which usually means that it will not over winter without added protection but apparently here on the West Coast chocolate cosmos can also be lifted and stored like a dahlia for the winter. Since I live in a townhouse with a lack of storage, there is a very real possibility that my chocolate cosmos are going to be of the annual type variety, so I’ll just have to enjoy the chocolatey scent while they last!


It looks like evil fairies may have moved into what is known around my house as the Ugly Garden!
This garden has always had 2 stone gargoyles surrounded by various sedums and other rock garden plants.


Next thing you know there’s a fairy doorway, a mail box……….


…………..and a CEMETARY??


The only occupants so far are a slug and a snail but there is a warning sigh that says “Don’t piss off the fairies!”


Here’s hoping that they are just cranky fairies and not really evil.

10 Day self watering seed trays

Well, I’m impressed! It’s day 11 and today is the first day that I’ve had to water my seed trays.
For a Guerilla Gardener who has watering (or lack of watering) issues these are definitely worth every penny of the $9 each that they cost.

Self Watering SeedTray

Let’s face it- seeds that are started indoors are needy little things. Being the type of Guerilla Gardener that doesn’t want to water every day I thought I would give these self watering greenhouses a try.
The cost is approximately $9 each and the label claims they can go 10 days without watering, so I’ll be planting 2 trays up and I’ll keep you up to date on whether they are worth the investment.