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Brenda Dyck – The Past Year’s Thoughts on Gardening!
As a Guerilla Gardener I've never qualified for yard of the year but I have won weed of the week

A Guerilla Garden Award

January is the month where most people (including myself) tend to reflect on the past year’s experiences and give themselves a reality check in order to help promote a sense of well being and acceptance for the stuff that has happened in their lives. As a Guerrilla Gardener I’ve come to accept that:

-No plant ever looks like it does on the plant tag, seed packet or in the catalog – sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised, but sometimes it’s off to the compost heap!

-To make compost you simply stop throwing organic kitchen waste away and pile it up somewhere – this also goes for any misbehaving/ugly plants. Some call it a compost heap but I prefer to think of it as the place where plants are sentenced to die. As a Guerilla Gardener I take no prisoners!

-The only way to truly accomplish a no maintenance garden is to just plant weeds. To keep this in perspective you have to realize that all flowers are weeds, they are just weeds from another country.

-If your goal is to have a garden that has color all year round, then you might just have to place a pink flamingo or a colorful garden gnome in your garden in order to accomplish this.

-If you want it to rain, just thoroughly water your garden, wash your car or plan a wedding or a vacation for the time frame that you would like it to rain.

-It’s a fact, the scum of the earth actually comes in many different colors so just deal with it. Instead of trying to change your soil (clay, sandy loam, etc) use Google to search for plants that will thrive in the type of soil you have and the location of where you want to plant them. A little investigating on the internet can save a lot of time and back breaking work, and this is especially important if you are planting stuff on property that does not belong to you. If you are a Guerilla Gardener you might also be looking for plants that are low maintenance, so try adding it to the Google search critera as well. For example as a Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure living in Chilliwack I might type in the Google search bar “low maintenance plants that do well in clay soil in the Pacific Northwest

-I have observed that any vegetable planted in my garden will be at it’s peak when it can be found plentiful and cheap in the grocery store. Here in Chilliwack, even non-spray and organic seasonal vegetables are extremely affordable and available at local greenhouses, road side stands and farmer”s markets everywhere. However, I always manage to convince my self that my homegrown vegetables taste better. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

-It seems that the weeds always somehow manage to multiply in direct proportion to my effort to eliminate them. I swear they prolifically pop up out of nowhere, overnight, just to spite me!

-Rumor has it that if it weren’t for rainy days, no gardener would ever get their housework done. Well if that is true, then I’m thinking that those gardener’s obviously don’t have internet access and a Facebook account or they haven’t discovered Pinterest yet. And that’s all I have to say about that!

The final conclusion to the past year’s reflections, observations and garden thoughts bring to mind a quote from David Hobson, (AKA The Mad Gardener)
“Yup, gardening and laughing are two of the best things in life you can do to promote good health and a sense of well being.”
And as a Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure, I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s to gardening and laughing with my Guerilla Garden accomplices in 2015.

Brenda Dyck
Brenda Dyck
A Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure!

January Guerilla Gardener New Year Resolutions

New Years Resolutions…love them, hate them or just don’t do them.
As a Guerilla Gardener, nobody can ever force you to keep your New Year’s resolutions and the fact that you tried to keep a New Years resolution for at least five minutes should be proof enough of your good will.
However, for those Guerrilla Gardeners who are determined to keep a New Years resolution for longer than that I have a few ideas to help you follow through. Start off with something simple and don’t forget about the sub-clauses. Here’s a few of my own personal resolutions:

I won’t worry that my garden doesn’t look like the one on the cover of a gardening magazine… I’ll just hope for some snow so my garden will at least look as nice as my neighbor’s.

I will not waste the time or the paper making a list of plants I’m going to buy… I can never find the plants at the gardening store when I want them and I usually end up losing the list before I even get to the store anyways.

I will not walk around the yard carrying a plant for more than two hours looking for the perfect spot to plant it…unless I have a drink in the other hand.

I vow to plant every plant I buy before buying more and if I am offered free plants or seeds I will make sure that I have room in my garden before accepting it …unless of course I have already scoped out some unused property in dire need of sprucing up.

I will commit random acts of gardening in other people’s yards or on unused pieces of property when least expected…this will take place after I have bought or were given too many plants or seeds that I don’t have room for in my own garden.

I will remember the Universe is never-ending and will not get stressed over a lost garden shovel or pair of gloves… I will just have faith that they will show up sooner or later and if they don’t I’ll have yet another excuse to go to the garden center.

For each of the new seed catalogs I receive, I will place an old seed catalog in the recycle bin…the universe maybe unlimited but my storage space is rapidly reaching full capacity.

I will not make an ill-fated resolution to water my plants more faithfully…instead I will just do some research and start purchasing more drought resistant plants.

I resolve to stay within the gardening budget…or at least not to lie about it to my spouse when I exceed the budget…yet again.

I will not plant more plants than I can take care of…if some don’t make it, I will not feel guilty and will just chalk it up to survival of the fittest.

And finally, I resolve to keep all gardening projects manageable by accepting that although the garden is always a work in progress I should spend less time on the “to do list” and spend more time with beverage in hand cherishing the imperfections of mother nature and myself.

 Brenda Dyck
A Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure