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July Guerilla GardenerNo Excuses!
Guerilla Garden Therapy

Just because you rent or you live on the 3rd floor of an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden. A community garden is great, and planting on someone else’s property is fun, however as a guerrilla gardener that has previously lived in various rentals, I have learned the value of using guerilla garden therapy to create a portable oasis to relax in after I get home from work.
It takes some imagination, some containers, some dirt, some plants and possibly a few accessories, all of which can be moved at any time so if you decide to relocate you can take your home garden with you.
Here are a few ideas to help you get you past the excuses:

I can’t afford containers:
Look in your trash-there are many household trash items that can be recycled
to hold soil and plants. For instance, recycling used food tins just may inspire you to convert your space into a Andy Warhol garden.  Is it Art or Trash?…you decide!

I don’t have much room:
Think vertical.
Use vertical space by planting hanging baskets with flowers, herbs, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes, or if you’re on a strict budget you could make a vertical planter out of an old shoe bag or a pallet.
Can’t afford one of those new fangled upside down tomato planters? Then make an upside down planter for full size tomatoes out of a 5 gallon pail.

I don’t know what to plant or where to plant it:
Most flowers and vegetables are going to need 6 or more hours of sun a day. Check the plant tag or the back of the seed packet for clues.  If it says good in containers it’s a likely planter candidate.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and textures by mixing different types of flowers, plants or vegetables in the same pot or window box.
Here are a few suggestions;

-Miniature roses, geraniums, petunias, nasturtiums, green peppers, hot red peppers, snow peas, bush beans, cucumbers and radishes are just a few to choose from.
-Or make your self a mixed herb planter, by planting chives, oregano, thyme and rosemary together in a large planter.
-Plant some strawberries in a large window box, hanging basket or strawberry jar. The “Ever bearing” variety is a good choice, but if you’re looking for miniature wild strawberries without runners that will reseed themselves and grow in almost any type of soil look for  Alpine” strawberries. Hint- if you are going to Princeton BC  you will find Alpine strawberries growing wild everywhere on the side of the road just waiting for a Guerilla Gardener to give them a home!
-Tomatoes are a must! When shopping for tomato plants, it’s important to read the plant tag. Look for varieties with “bush” or “window box” in the name or that it states on the tag it’s a good container plant.  Note: The Master Gardener’s term for this is “determinate” and it may say this on the label as well. Be sure to plant them in at least a 14-16 inch pot.
-Don’t just limit yourself to garden plants!
Add house plants to give your small space a tropical feel to it!
-If you have space adding a water feature, such as a container water garden or a trickling outdoor water fountain will help add to your guerilla garden therapy.

I don’t get 6 hours of sun:
There are plenty of plants that are “made in the shade”!
Begonias, impatiens, caladium, coleus, ferns, hostas, bleeding hearts, and fuchsias all do well in shady places and lettuce and spinach actually grow better in partial shade when the temperatures are below 70 degrees.

If all else fails just grow some grass!


Guerilla Garden Grass

I Don’t Have Time:
If you moved to a condominium or apartment because you’re busy and do not have the time or possibly the desire to garden any more you should still create your own personal oasis to relax after work. After all you work hard and you deserve it!
Using a trellis or a bamboo screen, a small water fountain, some driftwood, seashells, rocks, a sculpture, and even just one evergreen shrub or a pot of bamboo can really make a Zen garden statement.


Not only will it help to provide privacy to your small space but you will enjoy the aspect of no maintenance other than the occasional splash of water to an evergreen shrub or pot of bamboo. Known serial plant killers are known to favor this look and have been seen lurking about at “Mike’s Craft”” store in the section with the artificial but very real looking succulent plants to complete their “absolutely zero maintenance” Zen like garden.

Bottom line is…

Stop making excuses and start your Guerilla Garden Therapy today!