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Geranium Inspired Pedicure




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Guerilla Garden Pinterest

I jokingly refer to where I live as the “Wet Coast” but the sad fact is that here on the West Coast rubber boots are considered an essential footwear item.
As a guerilla gardener who has been inspired by Pinterest, I vowed to start actually making some of the things that I have pinned. I picked up some colorful rubber boots for $1 at a garage sale, cut drainage slits into the sole, filled them with dirt, and planted it with some drought tolerant “stuff” I ripped out of the Ugly (Evil Fairy) Garden. I think it looks cute by my front door.

Blue Rain Boot Planter

I was also guerilla garden inspired by a rubber boot display that I saw last year at the Abbotsford Community Garden. I am tempted to find a random chain link fence somewhere  and attach some rain boot planters to bring color to an otherwise drab urban space.

Colored Rainboot Planter Collection

My husband will probably be worried when he hears this but I think I am also going to start collecting (hoarding) rain boots for a Sunshine Community Garden Project as well.
It will be OK dear, it’s just another Guerilla Garden Adventure!



What do you do with high heel shoes that you have wreaked the heels on by walking on gravel?
Well this guerilla gardener can’t help but think they make a unique planter set. Thank you Pinterest!

May Guerilla Gardener

While surfing the internet and shopping at various garden centers, I’ve been noticing a trend in gardening clothes that are sold as fashion items for the well dressed Master Gardener.
Generally speaking, as a Guerrilla Gardener when I garden I alternate between two sets of fashion clothing.
First, the ones I have on when I suddenly decide to do some gardening, and then the ones I change into later when my significant non-gardening other tells me to get out of my decent clothes before I wreak them. If my husband’s not around I am frequently seen by my neighbors watering or pulling weeds in my good sandals, a dress, good skirts, business suits or other inappropriate clothing such as my pajamas. I once was even seen mowing the lawn after work in a skirt and high heels. This is not quite as crazy as it seems-the high heels almost act as aeration for the lawn.
However, if I have a reminder from my husband or good sense prevails (and it does sometimes happen) I will put on old clothes (AKA my “Raggedy Ann” look) before gardening. I usually end up smeared with dirt early on and somehow do not in any way seem to resemble the put together women I see in gardening ads.
What can I say; as a Guerrilla Gardener I am loveable but messy creature.
Nevertheless, here are a few tips for the more fashion conscious Guerrilla Gardener:

1. A Fabulous Hat
A cowboy hat, a bonnet, or a top hat-you choose! Personally I don’t like wearing hats, but if you must (due to sunstroke, rain or being bald) at least keep it interesting.

2. One Old Comfortable Jacket
Choose a dark color so it won’t show the dirt and make sure the pockets are large enough for putting tools in or for filling up with seeds and cuttings to be planted on or liberated from some public piece of property.

3. Gloves
I always buy them with the best of intentions, but usually end up loosing one and end up just digging into the dirt with my hands. One thing I have learned, if you’re going to use gloves you need to make sure they fit properly. If gloves are uncomfortable to wear, it is usually because they don’t fit correctly. A good pair of gloves must fit well (not too tight or too loose) and allow for comfortable finger and wrist movement. Not only will your hands be cleaner when you use gloves but they will help protect your hands from bugs (if you’re squeamish), prickly weeds and lessen the “soil damage” done to your hands and nails when gardening.

4. Footwear
• Sloggers and Crocs – are some of the best gardening shoes there are! Easy to slip on and off, comfortable, water resistant and they come in a variety of colors. Just remember, no matter what anybody says….these are only considered fashionable when worn in the garden and are still considered quite dorky when worn in public!!!
• Rubber boots – now come in flowered patterns and assorted bright colors and other patterns as well. Again-what’s fashionable in the garden is not always considered fashionable in public…or so I am told.
• Bare feet – Grass is sometimes the best footwear, parasites be damned! Feeling the grass between your toes is some of the best garden therapy you will ever experience.

5. Accessories
• Rain gear –I consider this optional, after all if it’s that cold and raining who wants to garden anyways. However keep in mind that if you have a rain poncho it could act like a cape when you’re on a guerilla garden mission.
• Assorted plastic cocktail glasses -fill with beverage of your choice to help you toast your successes and drown your defeats in style throughout the growing season. Note: Little umbrellas and colorful straws are a nice added touch as well!
• Aprons- these are a nice touch but are a dead give away that something is up if you’re on a seed bombing expedition.

 Guerilla Garden Fashion

So there we have it, not a fashion designer’s dream, but these Guerrilla Gardener fashion tips are guaranteed to make life a lot more interesting for you and your neighbors.

Guerilla Garden Tools

This is a fabulous set of guerilla garden tools that my fashionista non-gardening friend gave me for Christmas!

Brenda Dyck's Guerilla Garden Trick Boots

So, it all started because I live on the Pacific North “Wet “Coast and needed some rubber boots for gardening. You know the kind – they’re usually black with the red rubber soles. However when I went shopping I found out that rubber boots have now become a fashion statement! They come in all different colors as well as patterns.  So this Guerilla Gardener just had to buy a pair! When I first showed my husband he said he thought that the laces were a bit bright or something to that effect. Then I explained that they also come with a set of black laces for “formal” garden occasions and his statement was as follows  “ Well isn’t that just Trick!