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Does the Elf on the Shelf creep you out with his smug grin and vintage eyes?

Does it bother you that Elf on the Shelf sneaks around spying on people and is a little bit of a tattletale?

Or maybe you love the idea of Elf on the Shelf but realistically you know in your heart that you just won’t have the energy or the desire to plan and execute multiple elf shenanigans during the already busy holiday season.

Then the Santa Evidence Kit might just be the solution for you!

A few activities with the child on Christmas Eve (planting candy cane seeds, putting out reindeer food, etc.), then after the child goes to bed throw the rest of the evidence around and you are done!

The Basic Santa Evidence Kit!

(Comes enclosed in a plain envelope/paper bag so as not to arouse suspicion)

basic-santa-evidence-imageBasic kit includes

  • 1 package Reindeer Treats
  • 1 package Santa Dust
  • 1 package Candy Cane Seeds
  • 1 package Candy Cane Sprouts
  • A torn swatch of fabric from Santa’s suit pocket
  • Santa’s “official” laminated North Pole Sleigh driver’s license
  • A Thank-you card from Santa
  • 1 package Reindeer Poop
  • 1 package of Grinch Dust
  • 1 North Pole Deed



The Ultimate Santa Evidence Kit!

(Comes in a Santa themed gift bag making it perfect for gift giving)



This kit will include all the above Santa Evidence” plus:

  • Sleigh Bell Harness Evidence
  • Santa Money- a $1,000,000 Santa bill (This novelty money looks and feels real)
  • Santa’s Forgotten Hat
  • Santa’s Lost Glove
  • North Pole Drycleaner Receipt and Ticket
  • Receipt from North Pole Veterinarian Services
  • Santa’s International Travelers Card


Both Santa Evidence Kits come complete with easy to follow instructions for use and each piece of evidence comes in its own individual package and the custom printed labels and items are written in poem form with instructions and/or ideas for use.

While Supplies Last!
Order either Santa Evidence Kit by November 30
and receive 1 additional piece of Santa evidence (Santa’s Pre-flight Checklist) for free!

Email for price and availability.


There is a new Sansevieria plant from Costa Farms called Glowee that not only makes a good Christmas gift for children but also makes a unique gift choice for gardeners, non-gardeners and science geeks alike.
After all who wouldn’t want a plant that can glow in the dark?

The Glowee (Sansevieria) plant comes in a 4-inch pot and when I heard Frankie Flowers on Cityline state that they were currently available in Canada at WalMart, I decided I had to go on a Guerilla Garden Adventure to seek one out. I drove past Some-Sad-Company to the Chilliwack Walmart and I must admit that I had visions of glowing plants from the movie “Avatar,” dancing in my head.
Sansevieria plants in general are popular, low maintenance houseplants so when I found the Glowee Plant at the Chilliwack Walmart for $7.99 I just had to buy one. It has been residing in my house for about 2 months now and it glows for about 3-4 hours every night and makes a good conversation piece when guests come over.
The Glowee plant label says that it glows with different intensity and for varying amounts of time based on the brightness, duration, and type of light to which they are exposed. Apparently new leaves won’t have the glowing feature, but the old leaves will retain it for a year or more. So the glow option is truly just a temporary novelty. Like any glow-in-the-dark object, recharging the plant with intense light, such as sunlight, makes the glow stronger. I know what you’re thinking – Is it a toxic coating? Some kind of genetic mutant injection? Well, Costa Farms won’t reveal what the patented process entails (propriety information, etc.) but the company states that the plants are not toxic and are not genetically modified.
This is important information to have on hand in case you need to dodge a potential non-GMO rant on Christmas morning. Just saying, some people are extremely passionate about what they believe.
So if you find yourself looking for a rant free Ultra Cool Garden Gift under $10 you might want to drive to the Walmart and get yourself (or someone else) a Glowee. Just tell them the Guerilla Gardener sent you!




A Guerilla Garden Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Christmas is upon us and you haven’t a clue as to what to get for your Guerrilla Garden Suspect.
Here are a few ideas to help you out:

Make it Personal :
All you need is a digital image, (a drawing, painting, photograph or a slogan will also work) of your Guerilla Garden Suspect’s garden or garden project. Then have it printed on a T-shirt, a calendar, or mug. You can even have it printed on canvas to create some personalized artwork. These personalized gift options are available in a wide range of very affordable prices at various retailers (London Drugs, Costco, Staples, Save On Foods, etc.). Best of all even the most technically challenged Grandma (with a little help from staff) can easily create a personalized garden gift.
However, if you know your way around a computer, tend to be a little anti-social or just don’t want to deal with the Christmas crowds then Snapfish also offers a similar service that you can order online from the comfort of your keyboard, while in your pajamas and best of all you can have it delivered so that you never have to leave the house.

Buy Seeds, Bulbs, Plants:
You can’t go wrong here. Don’t worry about buying a Guerilla Garden Suspect the wrong plant because they will find a place for it even if it is on someone else’s property.
If you happen to know they have a passion for a particular plant such as tulips, sunflowers, tomatoes, or basil, then buy them an assortment of several different varieties of that kind of seed, bulbs or plants. You can also go online and search for more obscure varieties of plants or seeds to give as gifts, but be aware not everyone ships to Canada or will be able to ship it in time for Christmas.
If you suspect that your Guerilla Garden Suspect maybe suffering from severe winter garden withdrawal symptoms they might benefit from a flowering house plant or planter basket but do not in anyway hold them responsible if it dies in from lack of water in the spring. Outdoor gardening season will be in full swing by then and indoor plants can sometimes be neglected. Just saying, it can happen so don’t be offended.
If your still not sure what to get your Guerilla Garden Suspect and your mind feels like it just can’t make one more decision due to all the Christmas fa-la-la-la then just know that a gift certificate from Little Mountain Greenhouses can be bought for any denomination.

Give a Guerilla Gardener some Ammunition:
Guerilla Garden Suspects are always looking for some horticultural ammunition so why bake cookies when you can just as easily make seed bombs. If your not a do-it-yourself kind of person then seed bombs, seed bullets, seed guns, seed grenades and seed pills can also be ordered ready made online. The gift of horticultural ammunition will enable your Guerilla Garden Suspect to spread some Horticultural Therapy to the masses via an unused piece of property……and let’s face it, that is what they like to do best.

For the Gardener who has Everything:
If money was no object I’m thinking that the Slugbot (a Slug Picking Robot) would make the ultimate garden novelty gift to give or receive. Ian Kelly, a computer scientist at the California Institute of Technology, developed a robotic slug catcher the size of a lawn mower that not only identifies and eliminates slugs but could eventually power itself with it’s victims’ bodies. I’m thinking that this might even be worth saving up for, especially if you live in the Pacific North West.
If the Slugbot is out of your gift giving price range there are still other more affordable options for the gardener who has everything. For instance, there are always going to be aches and pains from all of the kneeling, digging and deadheading that a Guerilla Garden Suspect ends up doing  so a gift certificate for a one-hour massage, where those aches and pains would be gently rubbed away would be a lovely gift idea. Also, a manicure certificate wouldn’t hurt either especially if you’re planning to invite your Guerilla Garden Suspect to a social event and you need them to be presentable. Plan ahead people!

For the Gardener who Deserves Crap for Christmas:
And finally if you absolutely must give crap for Christmas (for some families this is a tradition) try Bat Guano or Worm Castings.

Non-gardeners think I’m kidding. But seriously, any type of gardener would love to get this type of crap for Christmas. Bat Guano (bat poop) or Worm castings (worm poop) are like the caviar of organic fertilizers. At $10 for a small (and I mean small) bag of worm poop it feels too extravagant to buy it for yourself, however it would make an excellent gift.
If $10 still seems like too much to pay for crap, then for $3-$4 you can always buy a bag of mushroom, sheep or steer manure. It’s a Guerilla Garden fact…..Cheap Crap=Good Gift….and you might just get some tomatoes out of it!


Christmas Safety Note:
Keep your seasonal plants out of reach from children and pets.
They may or may not be poisonous and it is your job to make sure that you keep both the pets and the kids alive
……and besides who wants bite marks on their poinsettias.

Wishing you a safe, warm and happy Christmas

Brenda Dyck
Brenda Dyck
A Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure!

It’s a fact:
August 8 is Sneak Some Zucchini on to Your Neighbor’s Porch Day!
So this guerilla gardener armed with yesterday’s zucchini harvest (and a couple of poser cucumbers) participated for the 1st time in this International Garden Holiday. I know that not everyone may be aware of this garden holiday so as per training from my last job at “Some Sad Company” I made sure to leave a memo!

Sneak -Zucchini-onto-porch-Note

Here’s hoping my neighbors have a sense of humor!

Spread the Veggies!


A Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure!

Salsa and Zucchini Plants

It’s True Salsa!

The Fashionista Friend bought me a Zucchini Grow Kit at the dollar store for $2. It came with a large compressed disk of peat moss , 6 zucchini  seeds and a slightly garish purple plastic pot.  I soaked the disk until it became dirt, filled the container (for decor reasons I swapped the purple plastic pot for a green ceramic one) and planted the seeds.  5 Days later and there are already seeds sprouting. Well done Fashionista Friend!

Just what I wanted!

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For my birthday my husband bought me this orchid. I’ve always wanted an orchid but it seemed like an expensive thing to kill. Note-to-Husband: just remember honey it’s an orchid not a love fern, so if it dies it is not in anyway a reflection of my love for you!

Modena BalsamicVinegar
This lovely gift of 4 leaf 12 year old balsamic vinegar has me thinking about this Tomato Stacker recipe I saw on Facebook.
So if anyone is looking for me  I’ll be surfing the Internet looking for the recipe and planning what variety of Italian tomatoes and basil I am going to be planting at the community garden.

Master Gardener

Thanks to one of my thoughtful longtime accomplices, I can now say I am the proud owner of a Master Gardener!

Guerilla Garden Tools

This is a fabulous set of guerilla garden tools that my fashionista non-gardening friend gave me for Christmas!