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The Most Expensive Seed Update!

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Reviews, Seeds

Guerilla Garden_PepperUpdate_22Days

The Minnesota Midget Mini Melon, Hawaiian Currant Tomato and Pomodoro Ciliegia Tomato seeds are all growing like gang busters. However, there is not a  Sweet Sunshine Pepper to be seen. Well, I’ll wait 1 more week and if they still don’t make an appearance I’ll email the company. After all, at $6.99 for 6 seeds I think at least 1 seed should sprout…which would then make me the proud owner of the most expensive pepper seedling ever!


Salsa and Zucchini Plants

It’s True Salsa!

The Fashionista Friend bought me a Zucchini Grow Kit at the dollar store for $2. It came with a large compressed disk of peat moss , 6 zucchini  seeds and a slightly garish purple plastic pot.  I soaked the disk until it became dirt, filled the container (for decor reasons I swapped the purple plastic pot for a green ceramic one) and planted the seeds.  5 Days later and there are already seeds sprouting. Well done Fashionista Friend!

10 Day self watering seed trays

Well, I’m impressed! It’s day 11 and today is the first day that I’ve had to water my seed trays.
For a Guerilla Gardener who has watering (or lack of watering) issues these are definitely worth every penny of the $9 each that they cost.