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Ever since the poinsettias overstayed their Christmas welcome and were hustled out the door I have been feeling not quite right. Upon deep reflection I realize it’s not guilt, I just seem to be suffering from Plant Seed Acquisition Syndrome (P.S.A.S.). Luckily enough (or unluckily enough judging by the occasional look on my husband’s face) I happen to work at Little Mountain Greenhouses where I can easily get my daily plant/seed fix and make myself feel better. Some say it’s like the drug addict working in the pharmacy but I prefer to think of it as type of horticultural/shopping therapy. I just have to keep in mind that although my imagination and love of plants is unlimited, it is only the middle of January and my townhouse and cash ARE limited.
So as a part of this week’s Plant Seed Acquisition Syndrome (P.S.A.S.) treatment I bought a 6″  White Kalanchoe for my living room.

White Kalanchoe

Flowering houseplants are an all natural anti-depressant and play an important part in Horticultural Therapy. Kalanchoe plants come in a variety of colors, bloom for weeks and make a great inexpensive gift. This one was found on a discount table with a $5 price tag and rumor has it that having a Kalanchoe will help to relieve the symptoms of Plant Seed Acquisition Syndrome! (P.S.A.S.).

To help out with additional symptoms of Plant Seed Acquisition Syndrome (P.S.A.S.), I sometimes hang out in the primula greenhouse at work. So far I have been able to resist buying any primulas even though they are on sale – 7 plants for $9.99. Although to be honest I don’t know how much longer I can hold out!

Spring Primula Greenhouse

It’s only January here in the Pacific North West, but at Little Mountain Greenhouses it’s looking a lot like Spring!

As for the seeds…..well let’s just say that it’s too early to be choosing what I’m going to be growing yet because there are still several companies that have seeds on route to the store.

McKenzie Seed Display

McKenzie Seed is just one of many seed companies that Little Mountain Greenhouses carries.

Also I’m thinking that maybe before buying any new seeds I should gather all the packets left over from last year that have been stashed around the house, in the freezer and various junk drawers. I can’t remember what kind of seeds or how many seed packets I have left but I do seem to remember some paper bags of vegetable seeds in the garage that I harvested from my community garden plot. I will need to retrieve them before my husband throws them out! It should be an impressive amount of seed once gathered up…… especially for someone who lives in a townhouse. It’s a fact, every spring I suffer from Plant Seed Acquisition Syndrome (P.S.A.S.) and I know I will not be able to resist the urge to buy more seeds. So as a part of my Guerilla Garden  Horticultural Therapy Plan I have been thinking of ways to use up some of my old seeds so I can justify (even if it’s just in my own mind) the buying some new seed packets. What can I say……I’m thinking that there just might be a Seed Bomb Making Adventure in the foreseeable future!

Guerilla Garden SeedbombBombs Away!

F.Y.I –  L. Castro
I know you were most likely worried about the poinsettias after reading about one of my previous Guerilla Garden Pointsettia Adventures but I can assure you that this year no poinsettias were harmed prior to, during, or after this post. As a matter of fact this year they were rescued by a fashionista friend on garbage day and taken to a good home!