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There is a new Sansevieria plant from Costa Farms called Glowee that not only makes a good Christmas gift for children but also makes a unique gift choice for gardeners, non-gardeners and science geeks alike.
After all who wouldn’t want a plant that can glow in the dark?

The Glowee (Sansevieria) plant comes in a 4-inch pot and when I heard Frankie Flowers on Cityline state that they were currently available in Canada at WalMart, I decided I had to go on a Guerilla Garden Adventure to seek one out. I drove past Some-Sad-Company to the Chilliwack Walmart and I must admit that I had visions of glowing plants from the movie “Avatar,” dancing in my head.
Sansevieria plants in general are popular, low maintenance houseplants so when I found the Glowee Plant at the Chilliwack Walmart for $7.99 I just had to buy one. It has been residing in my house for about 2 months now and it glows for about 3-4 hours every night and makes a good conversation piece when guests come over.
The Glowee plant label says that it glows with different intensity and for varying amounts of time based on the brightness, duration, and type of light to which they are exposed. Apparently new leaves won’t have the glowing feature, but the old leaves will retain it for a year or more. So the glow option is truly just a temporary novelty. Like any glow-in-the-dark object, recharging the plant with intense light, such as sunlight, makes the glow stronger. I know what you’re thinking – Is it a toxic coating? Some kind of genetic mutant injection? Well, Costa Farms won’t reveal what the patented process entails (propriety information, etc.) but the company states that the plants are not toxic and are not genetically modified.
This is important information to have on hand in case you need to dodge a potential non-GMO rant on Christmas morning. Just saying, some people are extremely passionate about what they believe.
So if you find yourself looking for a rant free Ultra Cool Garden Gift under $10 you might want to drive to the Walmart and get yourself (or someone else) a Glowee. Just tell them the Guerilla Gardener sent you!