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It all started out with a shared link on how to make a garden out of pallets.
A Guerilla Gardener was cruising around Pinterest and showed a fellow co-worker this cool idea using a pallet as a garden. The co-worker happened to show it to her husband who had access to a lot of pallets, so he brought some pallets home and built it with the added improvement of being raised and having seats at either end.

Pallet Garden DYI

He lined it with landscape fabric, filled it with dirt……

Pallet Garden Dirt DYI

and the co-worker was happy!

The Pallet Gardener

So she went shopping with Ray and the Guerilla Gardener to buy plants for her pallet garden ……

Guerilla Gardener Shopping Trip

and when it was all planted it worked out better than she had hoped for and everyone told the husband what a good job he did.
“Way to go Mr T, it looks great!”

Pallet Garden Stage 1

The husband was feeling the praise and still had pallets left so he added a roof……

Pallet Garden DYI Upgrade

And the Pallet Garden flourished!

Pallet Garden DYI Complete

But the husband still had pallets left (because they were free) so he built another pallet garden……

Multiple Pallet Gardens

Rumor has it is that he has a 3rd pallet garden built for his wife and she is thinking of other things that he can build out of pallets.

So I’m adding a direct link to the Guerilla Gardener’s Pallet Idea board on Pinterest to see what else he comes up with!