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The Vintage Chair Planter Revealed!

The Vintage Chair Planter made from a chair from my childhood made it’s debut at the Sardis Eco-market on Wednesday but for those of you that missed it here’s a picture to show what it looks like. I left room on the moss at the front because I’m on the hunt for a white metal butterfly or vintage fairy to perch on the edge of the seat. This would be the ultimate finishing touch but I think that it turned out pretty good and it will look even better once it fills in.

Wrought Iron Vintage Chair Planter

Non-Rule #2 – Think outside of the box when it comes to containers!

Guerilla Garden Adventures-Pinterest_Rules!

Most Guerilla Gardeners tend to think outside of the box when it comes to garden containers and I’ve discovered that
PINTEREST RULES when it comes to getting some inspiration for creative garden containers and funky junk planters.
By using old file cabinets, wheelbarrows, rubber boots, children’s toys (such as a wagon, toy truck, doll buggy or stroller), or even an old toilet, barbeque or washer machine it can help to stretch the gardening budget, saves another item from going to a landfill site and it can really help to make a statement in your garden.

Blue Rain Boot Planter
And if the neighbors don’t get it……well that’s just too bad!

Guerilla Gardening Non-Rule #1 – It’s your garden! Do what you want!


Brighten up your porch, deck, or patio . . . Give that tree that nothing will grow under a colorful companion . . . Gather up your junk, plant ’em up, and feel good about the fact that you are making the world a little greener in more ways than one.

A few tips to keep in mind when planting up creative containers or funky junk:
• Drainage is an important consideration when deciding on an unusual container. If possible drill holes in the bottom of container if it doesn’t already have some.
• Remember that containers need to be watered and fertilized more frequently. If this just seems like too much maintenance for you then just plant them up with some drought resistant sedum.
• It’s more effective to limit it to two or three types of plants or if in a small container just stick to one type of plant.

Ever since I joined Pinterest a few years ago it seems that I have been “Pinterest Inspired!”to recycle an old radio, shoes and purses into unique drought resistant sedum planters…….
but this year I also had the opportunity to successfully transform an old wrought iron vanity chair from my childhood into a beautiful vintage planter. I added some geraniums and some ivy and it turned out great! As a matter of fact I think this “Pinteresting Chair Planter Project” could be easily done by anyone with an old chair and here’s how to do it:

-First you will need an old wooden or wrought iron chair that has a seat that pushes out when you loosen the screws. This is where the flowers will be growing. (Or you could cut a hole in the seat of an old wooden chair if you are handy with power tools)

-If you want to (or have time) you can paint the chair using outdoor paint. If you don’t have time or just don’t feel like it let people know that you’re going for that rustic look. F.Y.I.-“Vintage” is definitely the look I’m going for with my “Pinteresting Chair Planter Project”

-If using a wrought iron chair (like I am) then attach a wire framed basket where the seat used to be with wire. Line the inside of the wire basket with a double layer of chicken wire in a bowl shape. If you have a wooden chair then just use a heavy duty staple gun to attach a double layer of chicken wire bent into a bowl shape to a wooden chair where the seat used to be.

-Then line the chicken wire with a good layer of pre-soaked sphagnum moss as this will be needed to stop the soil falling through the wire.

-Once moss in place, sit a plant pot saucer or small shallow dish on top of it to retain a little of the water and stop it dripping through quite so much. Then fill your moss lined chicken wire with soil or compost and add your plants.

Choosing Plants:
Plants for shady areas  -Impatiens, Pansies, Fushias, Coleus or Begonias
Plants for sunny locations – Geraniums, Petunias, Ostosperum
Planting some climbing or trailing plants such as knee high sweet peas near the back of the seat so they will climb up the backrest will give added dimension to the chair planter. Also you could add a couple of variegated ivies or other trailing plants so that they trail down around the seat. This is what I did when creating my “vintage” chair planter.
I know what you’re thinking… what does the finished “Pinteresting Chair Planter Project” look like…….

All will be revealed in the Guerilla Garden Adventures booth located the Eco-market in Sardis Park on Wednesday May 6th from 4pm-8pm (45845 Manuel Rd Chilliwack, BC.

PS-For those who can’t make it I will post a picture of the finished “Pinteresting Chair Planter Project” sitting in my booth at the Eco-market on my blog May 7th!

See you there!




Guerilla Garden Pinterest

I jokingly refer to where I live as the “Wet Coast” but the sad fact is that here on the West Coast rubber boots are considered an essential footwear item.
As a guerilla gardener who has been inspired by Pinterest, I vowed to start actually making some of the things that I have pinned. I picked up some colorful rubber boots for $1 at a garage sale, cut drainage slits into the sole, filled them with dirt, and planted it with some drought tolerant “stuff” I ripped out of the Ugly (Evil Fairy) Garden. I think it looks cute by my front door.

Blue Rain Boot Planter

I was also guerilla garden inspired by a rubber boot display that I saw last year at the Abbotsford Community Garden. I am tempted to find a random chain link fence somewhere  and attach some rain boot planters to bring color to an otherwise drab urban space.

Colored Rainboot Planter Collection

My husband will probably be worried when he hears this but I think I am also going to start collecting (hoarding) rain boots for a Sunshine Community Garden Project as well.
It will be OK dear, it’s just another Guerilla Garden Adventure!


Refunk Your Junk!

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Recycled, Sedum, Unique Planters

Guerilla Garden Pinterest

Quite frankly,
the problem with a lot of the recycled garden containers is…
they still look like junk!

Remember, it can be a fine line between “vintage” /”retro” and downright “garbage”.
As a Guerilla Gardener who has recently discovered Pinterest, I have to say that this is the best inspirational place EVER!
Basically, you visually collect (or as some say hoard) images, store website links, instructions, inspirational ideas, etc. and then organize them on to virtual boards.
For instance, I created A Pinterest Board for Unique Planters to inspire me to use discarded junk to create funky vintage/retro garden planters.
And I was inspired!
I noticed a vintage Regal radio on the junk pile at my friend’s farm and thought you can’t go wrong with a name like that. The dial was missing, the top had a huge crack in it and some of the guts were already pulled out but I wanted it anyways. Of course my friend was more than happy to have me take it off the junk pile because:

1- She is a good friend.

2-It would be one less thing to go to the dump/landfill location.

Also, as a known Guerilla Garden Accomplice she is always willing to lend her assistance to any gardening adventure .

So I took the radio home, then took a hammer and smashed out the rest of the top cover, filled it with dirt and planted it with sedums which are my very favorite type of low maintenance perennials.
Now I just have to clean up the front grill (possibly with a toothbrush) and wait for the sedum on the left hand side to trail. Oh, and in my travels I’m hoping/dreaming that maybe I will be able to find a replacement dial somewhere so I can officially announce that am the proud owner of:

A one of a kind “vintage” Regal Radio Planter!

Radio planted with Sedum


What do you do with high heel shoes that you have wreaked the heels on by walking on gravel?
Well this guerilla gardener can’t help but think they make a unique planter set. Thank you Pinterest!

Bohican Inspired!

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Garden Art, Recycled, Sedum


This is some Living Garden Art inspired by my ex-coworkers at Some-Sad-Company. I made the screen out of a plastic office paper tray, chicken wire and duct tape. Just goes to show you that when it comes to Guerilla Gardening ANYTHING can and will be used on a planter!