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Refunk Your Junk!

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Recycled, Sedum, Unique Planters

Guerilla Garden Pinterest

Quite frankly,
the problem with a lot of the recycled garden containers is…
they still look like junk!

Remember, it can be a fine line between “vintage” /”retro” and downright “garbage”.
As a Guerilla Gardener who has recently discovered Pinterest, I have to say that this is the best inspirational place EVER!
Basically, you visually collect (or as some say hoard) images, store website links, instructions, inspirational ideas, etc. and then organize them on to virtual boards.
For instance, I created A Pinterest Board for Unique Planters to inspire me to use discarded junk to create funky vintage/retro garden planters.
And I was inspired!
I noticed a vintage Regal radio on the junk pile at my friend’s farm and thought you can’t go wrong with a name like that. The dial was missing, the top had a huge crack in it and some of the guts were already pulled out but I wanted it anyways. Of course my friend was more than happy to have me take it off the junk pile because:

1- She is a good friend.

2-It would be one less thing to go to the dump/landfill location.

Also, as a known Guerilla Garden Accomplice she is always willing to lend her assistance to any gardening adventure .

So I took the radio home, then took a hammer and smashed out the rest of the top cover, filled it with dirt and planted it with sedums which are my very favorite type of low maintenance perennials.
Now I just have to clean up the front grill (possibly with a toothbrush) and wait for the sedum on the left hand side to trail. Oh, and in my travels I’m hoping/dreaming that maybe I will be able to find a replacement dial somewhere so I can officially announce that am the proud owner of:

A one of a kind “vintage” Regal Radio Planter!

Radio planted with Sedum



What do you do with high heel shoes that you have wreaked the heels on by walking on gravel?
Well this guerilla gardener can’t help but think they make a unique planter set. Thank you Pinterest!

It looks like evil fairies may have moved into what is known around my house as the Ugly Garden!
This garden has always had 2 stone gargoyles surrounded by various sedums and other rock garden plants.


Next thing you know there’s a fairy doorway, a mail box……….


…………..and a CEMETARY??


The only occupants so far are a slug and a snail but there is a warning sigh that says “Don’t piss off the fairies!”


Here’s hoping that they are just cranky fairies and not really evil.

Bohican Inspired!

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Garden Art, Recycled, Sedum


This is some Living Garden Art inspired by my ex-coworkers at Some-Sad-Company. I made the screen out of a plastic office paper tray, chicken wire and duct tape. Just goes to show you that when it comes to Guerilla Gardening ANYTHING can and will be used on a planter!