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9 cobs of corn
1 lemon boy tomato
1 onion
2 zucchini
8 cucumbers
8 Pomodoro Ciliegia tomatoes
6 large Bush Champion tomatoes
1 small bowl of Hawaiian Currant tomatoes
3/4 of a large bowl of grape tomatoes
5 medium sized mystery tomatoes

FYI-Mystery tomatoes happen when a tomato plant goes on sale for a $1 and it has no identification tag but you buy it anyways because you still have some room in your community garden plot.



3 zucchini
3 large salad cucumbers
6 pickle cucumbers
1 green bell pepper
1 hot pepper
1 cup of chopped chives
1 large bunch of cilantro

What can I say, unsold plots at the Sunshine Community Garden went on sale for $15 and there was one conveniently available right next to my other 2 plots. So of course I had too buy it. Then tomato plants went on sale for $1 (I bought 10) and the cucumber plants went on sale 10 for $5 so of course I bought 10 of them as well. I could not resist! Some I put in the shared community plots but just as many went in my own plots. Now I just need some of the tomatoes to ripen so I can experiment with making some salsa.