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The Guerilla Garden Cafe is now open!

Master Gardener’s everywhere will inform/correct you that it’s called soil and not dirt, but at Little Mountain Greenhouses I’m thinking it must be dirt they’re selling as it says right on the bag;
“Hopefully this will be the only dirtbag that you will ever take home!”



Ray with Dirtbag

Ray thinks this is hilarious and considers it to be excellent dating advice
FYI-He also wants everyone to know that he is single and will be spending his summer hanging out at the Sunshine Community Garden!



Ray is not saying a word about where he has been all winter but he has obviously been to Little Mountain Greenhouses recently to pick up some soil. I also noticed that his hat has a Xcaret label and his sweatshirt says Hawaii which makes me even more curious to where he has been!

The Ray Update!

Posted: May 7, 2014 in The Ray Update

Ray and Nadine Hanging out

Ray was spotted hanging out with Nadine on the Guerilla Gardener’s back porch. Everyone knows that he has been missing since before Christmas, but he has been pretty closed mouth about where he has been and what he has been doing for the last few months. Ray says he just showed up to try to convince Nadine to sign up for a community garden plot and it’s rumored that he is making plans to attend the Sunshine Community Garden Spring Launch Party on May 24.
Stay Tuned for more Ray Updates!

The Guerilla Garden Cafe 2013

The Guerilla Garden Cafe located in Pumpkin Patch plot #20 at the Sunshine Community Garden is now open!

Ray peeling potatoes at the Guerilla Garden Cafe

Ray has gotten himself a job at the Guerilla Garden Cafe and is preparing for the grand opening!

Ray at the Sunshine Community Garden

Well whatever it is, he has been seen at the Sunshine Community Garden.
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