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Apple Mania!

Posted: August 30, 2014 in 2014, Veggies and Fruit


12-250ml jars of apple pie jam
12-125ml jars of apple pie jam
2 apple crisps for the freezer
I still have a cooler full of apples to process and once I have them done I’ll post the recipes.



Actually my husband picked them on Sunday but since today is my day off I have to deal with them before they start attracting undesirables (rats, mice, fruit flies, etc.). I’m taking 1 tote to my favorite accomplice’s house and we are going to make apple pie jam today. The other tote I am going to make some apple pie filling or maybe some apple crisps for the freezer, however if someone else has a good/unusual apple recipe feel free to send it to me!

Sunshine Pepper is a TOMATO
Well, the only Sunshine Pepper seedling to germinate now has it’s secondary leaves and it is a TOMATO!

This is actually good news because the Pallet Gardener was worried that it was a weed.
When I was seeding the tomato trays one of the tomato seeds must have fallen on top of one of the non-germinating pepper seed jiffy pots and has now grown enough to identify it as a tomato! I transplanted it into a 4″ pot but I still feel like I was used by the Sunshine Peppers and led on by expensive seed packet promises of something fabulous that never germinated into anything at all. I’m going to email the company to see if they can do anything for customer satisfaction…..if not, does anyone know if could write off expensive seed package experiments on my income tax as a garden blogger?



I was just about to throw the jiffy pots out and email the seed company but after 31 days later a Sunshine Pepper seedling has finally appeared.
It doesn’t look like much but here’s to hoping that some of the other 5 seeds will sprout too!


PepperSeedFrontPacketPepper Seeds – F1 Sweet Sunshine

The seed packet description is as follows:

Unique trailing sweet pepper A revolutionary sweet pepper bred for hanging baskets or containers.The vigorous, easy-to-grow plants can produce 200-300 small, tasty, pointed, orangey-yellow fruits, which are ready to harvest from mid July right through to first frosts. A truly ornamental edible!
Culture: Full growing instructions included. Sow: February-April. Harvest: July-October.

Sounds too good to be true!
Well, 1 package of seeds does cost $6.99 and when I got home I was reading the back of the seed package and then noticed a little 6 in the top left hand corner…… yes that’s right,  for $6.99 you get 6 seeds. All I have to say is at  $1.25 a seed there had better be 100% germination rate!