Guerilla Garden Non-Rules

Non-Rule #1
It is always easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission!

Guerilla Garden Suspect

Non-Rule #2
It’s your garden even if it’s on someone else’s property!

Renegade Guerilla Garden Planted Tomato

Plant anything you want, wherever you want, and if it happens to be on somebody else’s property or on sale all the better! Too much of a good thing is simply wonderful!

Non-Rule #3
Think outside of the box when it comes to containers!

recycled guerilla garden bike planter

Recycle, recycle, recycle!
Or in this case – bicycle.
Use any container you want, there is nothing to stop you from using whatever comes to hand. Wheel barrows, half barrels, large tin cans, brightly colored rubber boots, polystyrene fishing boxes – if it can hold soil you can adapt it. Just be sure to put drainage holes in it and fertilize regularly! Let your imagination run wild!

 Non-Rule #4
Don’t fight with Mother Nature!

 The Ugly Garden

If you are dealing with poor soil, tend to neglect your outdoor plants, don’t want to spend much time on watering and would rather spend money on plants than fertilizer or new soil, choose plants from the Sedum family. This group of perennial plants can be easily found in almost any garden center and do excellent when planted in the garden or a unique container (see Non-Rule #2 for ideas). Sedums are widely available, come in hundreds of varieties, with sizes ranging from 1”- 36″ tall, and foliage colors range from dark burgundy to lime green and almost everything in between. All varieties flower beautifully in a variety of colors and most stay evergreen all winter. They are very drought tolerant, do well on poor, dry soil and even the purplest of thumbs can grow new plants by easily from broken branches and fallen leaves simply by sticking them in dirt! The big secret here is plant in well-drained soil in a sunny location and don’t over water. Remember that you will actually have better blooms with little or no fertilizer

Non-Rule #5
Learn how to propagate plants and collect seeds!

A guerilla garden seed opportunity

Guerrilla Garden Suspects are always on the look out for healthy, inexpensive plants and low-cost seeds to make seed bombs with. Joining your local Garden Club is a great place for obtaining cuttings, seeds, plants and information on how to propagate plants and save seeds. If you’re a social person it can also provide an excellent place to meet other people who share your passion for gardening.

Non-Rule #6
The internet is the Guerilla Gardener’s Best Friend!

Guerilla Virtural Garden Adventures

Save a tree!
Instead of subscribing to a local gardening magazine look on the internet to see if you can get an online subscription. Google your local nursery or grower by the store’s name to check out their website and see if they have a newsletter they can email you. This can help you source new varieties and requesting a paper copy of a seed/plant catalogue by snail mail on the internet is a breeze. The internet is also a great place to search for  new gardening ideas or to get some recipe ideas for whatever bumper crop is available during the growing season. Best of all when the weather is bad I like the idea that I can do some serious armchair gardening in
Yoville or search for some gardening ideas to pin on my Guerilla Garden Pinterest Board.

Non-Rule #7
All flowers are weeds, just weeds from another country!

Yellow Yarrow Weed

Actually there are a lot of native plants and flowers that self seed or that seem to multiply like weeds and are very hardy. If you’re not the kind of gardener that has time to baby everything and like that wild English Garden look (or that’s just what you tell people) then these might be the type of plants for you!

Non-Rule #8
Gardens are for sharing!

Goofy Sharing Garden Ornament

Guerilla Garden Suspects try whenever they can to trade (or beg unusual varieties) of cuttings, seeds, and off shoots from fellow gardeners. I’ve never met a gardener who wouldn’t share information or exchange planting material. And just remember that no garden is considered complete without sharing it over several glasses of wine (or beverage of your choice) with friends and family through out the season.

 Non –Rule #9
Survival of the fittest!

Guerilla Garden Adventures- I tried but it died

Slugs, Deer, Birds, Butterflies, Aphids, etc. …Guerilla Garden Suspects either want to get rid of them, attract them or just plain want them to quit eating all our hard work. After all it’s a garden, not a buffet! However if it was a buffet, I am pretty sure venison would be on the menu! The same kind of treatment goes for misbehaving plants too! If it refuses to flourish show no mercy! Banish it the compost pile to die while your shopping for a replacement.

Non-Rule #10
Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder!

Guerilla Garden Adventure Rain Girl

Never be afraid to try new types of plants or products, install tacky garden ornaments (including pink flamingos if that’s your thing!) or let a few weeds get in the way of your gardening enjoyment. Push the envelope by planting things in sometimes less than perfect conditions and never be afraid to move plants or rip them up if they don’t behave! The best thing about being a ”Guerilla Gardener on an Adventure”  is never having to follow popular trends or rules, and never feeling guilty about doing whatever personally appeals to you and sparks your interest.

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    I like stawberries!

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